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2023 Service Comebacks Fueled by Coaching Accountability

Chris Collins coming at you about some things I picked up in the auto-sphere this past year. A few so-called “experts” out there are making big promises about juicing up Service Departments. But between you and me, when the rubber meets the road, dealers aren’t seeing enough extra profits to justify the tab.

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I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know a few things about what pumps up department potential. And it isn’t complicated, believe me! It comes down to two things – accountability and efficiency. I know, I know, not glitzy and glamorous. But day in and day out, these are the keys, even in a wild marketplace.

While Elon dominated headlines, our clients focused on operations. Things like speeding up processes, tracking bonus KPIs, and optimizing staff oversight. Boring on paper, but these migrations worked magic on net profits month to month! We had dealers gain six figures in just months once we aligned activities to results. Other groups grew 20, even 50%, thanks to buttoned-up accountability foundations!      

Now, I won’t bait and switch you here; no shady fine print. But for businesses seeking serious profit jumps, our approach delivers fast. If your department feels stuck, but leadership looks promising, reach out! Our coaches will show you how our back-to-basics framework can ignite that comeback model in 2024.

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