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Would you want to work with an employer who isn’t a man of his word? Imagine if at payday, he says, “I know I promised to pay you a salary but I’ve changed my mind. I don’t feel like paying you any salary today.”

Here’s the deal. Life on earth would totally collapse if everyone starts lying. The only reason why society can still function is because there are enough people who don’t lie.

In order to gain trust and respect we must establish Goodwill. Proving something works well when you let small earned credits accumulate into something big and significantly useful piece. Maintaining the health and composure of business intact and free from external intrigues is hard. Let us say your long paying debtor failed to pay his loan due this month and you need to come up with an amount for a badly needed project. Can you still bet on his credibility of payment on the next month due, without casting a doubt on him?

Somehow level of trust and respect seems to be different now compared to its previous state. We should know that there are critical factors that need to be strictly maintained to avoid any damaging situation. Studies show that awareness to establishing a business relationship is necessary. However, clients or prospects failed to observe for several reasons, to wit;

Seems to ignore for lack of knowledge
Inconvenient to learn new ideas
Fear of constant dealings

It’s natural to act adversely to a situation where you have consistently been expecting a good delivery and yet failed. But it would be wise to understand that there’s nothing permanent in this world.

Another hint to gain respect and trust is to Stay Ahead of Competitor. It’s alright to copy new ideas as it would kick off momentum and would help you stay on track. An entrepreneur in a seminar-workshop shared his secret of success. According to him, “Imitate, Innovate and Survive”. If we’re going to analyze this statement we can see a brighter side of business perspective. Promising ideas and uplifting interest would promote encouragement to future entrepreneurs. Not only that, staying at the top will boost confidence and build genuine trust and respect among clients. As we all know, sometimes building a good image is inherently a manipulative technique and a counter-productive measure in establishing trust and respect.

And that’s why despite all your big problems, your life can be beautiful and happy and glorious and successful.

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