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There are several reasons why service managers fail in their jobs. Here’s a list of the top five of those reasons.  I would suggest that you read and learn from these so that you won’t fall victim to it and be a better manager to your service drive:

Most service managers do not know how to supervise, train and keep track of the performance of their sales personnel. You need to accomplish all these tasks to be able to use the best of your sales force sales effectiveness.

How to keep track on your salespeople:  Maintaining consistent and uniform process, benchmarking and monitoring all sales activities during the sales process. Neglecting any of these activities might lead to failure.

Most service managers don’t have the skills in prospecting and target marketing. Hence, most of their sales people’s time is wasted focusing on customers who are not interested in buying.

How to concentrate on possible buyers: Set demographic, attitude and situational standards for the prospects that are most probable to buy. Booked business can be used as basis to develop criteria.

Most service managers think that salespersons must be able to persuade prospects to buy. Hence, make their salespersons try harder to convince prospects in buying even if they are merely interested. It doesn’t occur to them that there is nothing their salespersons can do that will affect the decision of prospects if they are not willing.

How to put a stop at losing in “Persuasion Game”:  Quit the game entirely, nobody wins consistently. You should insist that your sales persons treat prospects with respect and trust, using an actual sales process, and will quit all methods of persuasions, manipulation and false urgency.

Most service managers do not understand how human mind work, how it acknowledges or rejects information. Salespeople distinctively throw up features and benefits in style of industry lingo.

How to communicate properly with your prospect: Use more simple words that prospects can easily understand. They will feel more motivation by simply listening to information that they can absorb and retain. Eventually they will be actively participating in the sales process.

Most service managers think that prospects rely on reason for their buying decision. And if it’s true, enlisting in logic courses could be the way to succeed in sales.

How to truly get straight to prospects: Involve prospects emotionally.

So, how will you dramatically increase your sales performance? By developing a uniformly structured, effective and measurable selling process that maximizes sales process and thus increasing the chance of closing the sale.

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