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Types of Automotive Service Advisors

Automotive Service Advisors

Have you ever noticed the different types of automotive service advisors? Well, Coach Christian just gave us a big list, so we can all figure this out together! 

We all know that they are extremely important to the dealership, and almost service drive heroes for customers.

This list is also an entertaining way for advisors to classify themselves, although the lesson is to figure out which one you truly are. Being that they are usually the customer’s first and primary contact, it’s safe to say that customers are familiar with the different categories of their service advisors.

We created this to entertain and inform. We have hope for you to see these things and make a change.

The “Wallet Seller” Advisor 

The first automotive service advisor on the list is the “wallet seller.”

You know the kind I’m talking about… the ones who think they can project onto you what they most likely project on themselves.

They’re the ones who may talk their customer out of buying something because of their own assumption, using their own bank account.

More likely, this type of service advisor will allow their customer to drive around with an unsafe car because they don’t really do maintenance on their own vehicle. You have to offer your customer the value of what they need!

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Automotive Service Advisors

The “I Was Just Going To Call You” Service Advisor

Typically, this type of advisor can be described as the one who lacks discipline. They’re probably not so prompt about their responsibilities, and are always behind.

“I was just going to call you” might not be the most trustworthy selection of words to your customer. This category of an automotive service advisor is most likely not a customer favorite. 

The Lawyer Advisor

The Lawyer advisor does not miss a beat. This type of advisor does everything by the book. They are super prompt, knowledgeable, and solution focused. They’re also known for advocating for the manufacturer, so they can also be called the Manufacturer advisor.

The Customer Advocate Advisor

In general, customer advocate advisors understand the goal of representing the customer. 

But at times, this type of advisor goes a little too far.

This is the advisor that comes in and they’re always like, “can we do this for the customer?”

The customer advocates are usually the service advisors that are always looking forward to giving the customer a discount. 

The problem in this type of service is that the advisor doesn’t really see the value in themselves. They get their value out of trying to give things away versus understanding that people actually can’t work on their cars themselves.

The Robotic Service Advisor

The reason why we call this one the Robotic advisor is because this type of advisor is “All Business, No Fun.” This advisor is usually very stern, and loves to abide by policy. They try their best to leave no room for error.

The Showstopper Advisor

This automotive service advisor is usually the one that seeks validation. They want credit for everything they do. Anytime they make a great sale or get a big job, they want it to be known, “Look at me! Look what I did.” The showstopper usually has great team spirit, showing pride, and doing the right thing.

The Friendly Service Advisor

We’ve all seen this kind of advisor. The one who’s personable, easy going attitude, but always focused on the ladies at the receptionists’ desk. The friendly advisor is usually found at the cashier’s window, helping as much as his attention span allows.

The Tech Advocate Advisor

The tech advocate is always the well liked advisor in the shop. Most of the time, they are fighting for the technicians. They’re usually always asking for more for their tech. 

Giving them more time to perform a better job, and always giving techs opportunities to sharpen things up. 

The “Obi-Wan” Service Advisor

Coach Christian’s personal favorite automotive service advisor is the “Obi-Wan” advisor. 

This advisor performs majestically around the shop. This advisor is heavily respected and trusted by their performance. With the wave of a hand, his coworkers and customers will do what he says.

The Obi-Wan never gets rattled. No matter how many tickets they’ve written, they remain under control. They’re communicating with the customers directly as opposed to making the customers call in and ask for them. 

The Drive Diagnosis Advisor

The Drive Diagnosis advisor is considered the former tech. The former tech that usually diagnoses everything before it gets back to them. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. This can be considered one of the biggest challenges from tech to service advisor. 

In Conclusion

This list will give you a chance to classify the many different types of automotive service advisors out there. We created this to help you to find out what type of advisor is in your drive, and who’s hurting your CSI. 

It’s a lighthearted list and mainly used for a little entertainment, but we hope there’s a lesson for you in this as well. Did we miss anyone? 

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