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Winter Mindset Shifts That Grow Service Revenue

For many, the first frost ignites dread rather than delight. Plummeting temperatures seemingly usher in declining sales and icy greetings from customers. Most Service Managers resign themselves to a slow season of short, frozen days with little action.

But what if that winter mind funk proves totally false and self-imposed?

attracting new customers

I recently sat down with a high-performing Fixed Ops director who sees opportunity where others claim defeat this time of year. He adds staffing rather than reduces shifts. His proactive planning ensures steadily increasing workshop utilization even as snow piles up.  

So what’s his secret sauce for cooking up record sales when it’s cold out? How does he master winter when it freezes everyone else in fear?

The answer lies in flipping perspective. Every perceived obstacle morphs into open potential with the right lens. Let’s examine key mindset shifts for Service Managers seeking to grow during off-peak seasons:

Focusing on What You Can Control 

Rather than bemoaning external factors like fewer daylight hours or reluctant customers, financially savvy directors act within their sphere of influence. Perfecting processes, training staff, and building a stellar culture prevent problems arising from changes in climate or driving habits.

Seeing Slowness as Open Opportunity  

What appears as scarcity breeds abundance for clever Service Advisors. Slower routine weeks allow for special deep-dive trainings, thorough improvement planning, and unrushed consultative client conversations. Inspections gain depth; relationships grow roots.  

Getting Hyper-Local with Marketing

When driving drops off, getting hyper-targeted with marketing to current owners within close proximity pays off. Specials like battery tests, wiper replacements, and detailing prove enticing offers that weather directly impacts. Manage regional conditions with pinpoint precision.

At the end of the day, perception shapes reality when it comes to workshop sales in winter. Refusing victimhood in favor of an opportunistic mindset will melt away frozen revenue and negative self-talk. Give one of these mental frames a try – you might find this your hottest cold season yet!  

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