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After arriving home from my 2015 Top Dog Event In Vegas—which took me about a week to recover from—I grabbed a tall coffee, threw on a Massive Attack album, and sat back with my bulldog, Bacon, to meditate on what I call my 17 Basic Truths of Life and Business, which I’ll share with you in a moment…

The event was a blast. My friends Larry Winget and “Uncle Dave Anderson” gave awesome presentations to top service managers and advisors who flew in from across U.S. and Canada.

Now, most trainers bore me more than an episode of reality television and, quite frankly, in my opinion, don’t have a clue what the hell they’re talking about.

But not Larry and Uncle Dave. These guys are the real deal.

AND…they know how to entertain.

Larry and Uncle Dave had a blast. I had a blast. The service advisors and managers had a blast. And my (other) bulldog Tequila had a blast (Tequila’s always up for a good party.)

Everyone who attended learned a ton of information, systems, and strategies they were able take back to their dealerships and plug in right away. In fact, I’ve been getting a flood of emails about the results these are getting. They’re setting new records and pulling in more money than ever. I plan to post a few of these emails in the near future.

The event win/win/win all the way around.

Check out this short video of it:

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And here are my 17 Basic Truths of Life and Business….


1. Business is like great art … It isn’t just numbers and paper; it lives, breathes, and has a soul.

If your business is soulless, if you don’t feel it with every cell of your being, it’s time to get into a new line of work. Do what inspires you.

2. Good systems can lubricate and make any process easier.

A business without good systems is like a car without gasoline, it’s not going anywhere.

3. All business deals should be a win/win for all parties involved.

Win/Lose deals are actually Lose/Lose deals in disguise, no matter how much you think you’re winning. Win/Win deals are the only ones worth entering.

4. You can train your mind to believe anything, good or bad…

…so why not train your mind to serve you, instead of programming it to hold you back like most people do?

5. Talent rises to the top, so hunt it down and SURROUND yourself with it.

It’s far better to spend a little bit of extra time and money hunting down the best talent, than it is to let mediocrity put a chokehold on your business.

Talent is out there, you just need to look for it.

6. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, in life and business, the obstacle is the way to greatness.

Weak people and businesses run from obstacles. The strong embrace the obstacles, they charge towards the hurdles and setbacks with their battle-axe held high, knowing that greatness lies on the other side.

7. You can win most every time just by having a Bulldog Mentality.

The tenacious prevail. Everybody else gives up before their goals and dreams have a chance to materialize.

8. Always give more value than you’re paid for.

The more value you give, the more people will come back and the more they’ll refer.

Customers remember and are loyal to businesses that go the extra mile for them.

9. You can learn any skill by asking the masters in that field/area.

Knowledge and wisdom are everywhere. ANYTHING you to want to learn is an email or phone call away. Great men who’ve walked before you are willing and happy to teach you what they know if you’ll just ask them.

10. Always listen more than you talk.

Too many salespeople and business owners let their egos get in the way of making the sale. The know-it-alls are the ones who don’t end up knowing or learning anything ‘cause they’re too busy talking. Listeners…those are the ones who seize the crown.

11. Don’t work with people you don’t like or trust… Handshake deals still exist.

There’s nothing worse than getting into a deal or partnership with someone you don’t get along with, or with someone who’s out to pull one over on you or anyone else. Only do business with people you like, and only like people you can trust.

12. Avoid anyone who says it’s just business—business should be what you love and are passionate about.

Anyone who’s only in it for the money is a miserable and selfish prick. Life’s too short to deal with people like that. Like crabs in the bottom of a bucket, they’ll pull you down.

13. The money isn’t nearly as important as the product or service.

If your product or service kicks ass, the money will follow. If it doesn’t, the money will fall away. Focus on what you deliver and how you deliver it, and the money will take care of itself.

14. Overhead can choke a business owner out early in the game.

It takes far less money to make money than most people think. Profit should be the focus, not revenue.

15. Don’t grow too fast.

Trying to grow too fast has been the downfall of countless businesses. Success takes time, and it rewards the patient and the focused.

16. Learn to sell so you never have to cut into profits.

Cutting back isn’t the key to success, sales is. When you sell more, you make more.

No matter how good you are, continue to improve your sales skills and sales systems as often as possible. The process should be never-ending.

17. Always pet the dog.

Watch this video to see what I mean:

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To be a business owner or salesperson is to be an artist. Business isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about passion and enthusiasm and helping others.

Your business should fix peoples’ problems, touch their lives, and help ‘em live to their full potential—even if all your doing is changing the oil on their car.

Talk soon,

Chris Collins

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