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Sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough business available. If you’ve run as much advertising and marketing as you can muster, you feel like your sales team is firing on all cylinders, and you’re treating your customers well and earning repeat business, but you’re still struggling to stay afloat, it can seem hopeless! And this is where a lot of small businesses fail, and eventually wind up closing their doors.

Instead, here are some creative ideas you can use to increase sales, which you might not have considered!


One sale is great. Finding a way to repeat that sale every week or every month, without your customer ever having to lift a finger? Now that’s genius!

I’ve yet to see a business in which I couldn’t find some way to create continuity. Take a flower shop for example. It’s easy to think that in a slow economic time, sometimes luxuries like fresh flowers simply become too difficult to sell, and business just falls off. Yet I’ve actually owned a flower shop, and was able to create tons of continuity with ease!

First, I marketed fresh flowers to other local businesses, not as a good, but as a service. I’d sign a contract to deliver and set up their floral displays once a week, or once a month. Once they agreed, I never had to go after that sale again! They’d simply always have beautiful, fresh flowers at their entrances and traffic hubs, and I’d wake up on the first of every month with a ton of sales just waiting to be rung out on their credit cards, often reaching my break-even point for the month on the very first day!

I also marketed continuity to individual customers. If a guy wants to impress his girlfriend or wife with fresh flowers for example… chances are he’d be eager to really impress her by sending her fresh flowers every month! But that’s a pain—who has time to go to the florist every month? Life just gets in the way. So I offered a service where once a month, or even once a week, their sweetheart would receive fresh flowers, and they never had to lift another finger. Voila! More automatic sales!


McDonald’s calls them “Combo Meals.” I call them MVPs. “Most Valuable Products” or “Packages.” These are high-margin items that you can make even better, by packaging them together and offering them to your customers as an upgrade to whatever it was they came in for.

Take my flower shop for example. If a guy wanted to buy his wife a dozen roses, I’d offer a package deal of a dozen roses, a hand-written greeting card, and a box of Godiva chocolates. What loving husband would say no to that!? I easily converted more than 55% of my customers to my MVPs in my flower shop, adding tons of profit that could just as easily have walked right out the door.

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