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There are many profound questions that remain unanswered, but none as important as this:


Is it bad service? No. Low quality? Nope. Then what the heck is it?

Most businesses lose its customers by simply ignoring them to death. Apathy after the sale accounts for a nauseating 68% of lost business in America!!

It used to be that businesses could reasonably profit without very much marketing or any follow-up. However, with the abundance of choice and stiff competition that is now our current landscape that is no longer the case. Most businesses see the critical need for marketing, but they still fall on their faces when it comes to following up with their customers.

Most business owners foolishly believe that the marketing is done with as soon as they’ve closed the sale. This is a false belief. Real, meaningful marketing actually begins after the sale. To understand this you have to understand Bulldog Marketing. It now costs six times more to sell something to a new customer than selling to an existing customer. The Bulldog marketer understands this and follows up with customers with a phone call or thank you note within 48 hours. I can’t recall the last time a business sent me a thank you note within 48 hours…


After 30 days, the ever patient and persistent Bulldog Marketer sends another note, or even makes an actual phone call to check on their customer and make sure they are still happy with their product or service. This effort is made to help cultivate the relationship with the customer. Yes…an actual relationship is the desired situation here. Wam Bam Thank You- type flings are not how you want customers to feel when your transaction is complete.

Like any healthy relationship, communication is key, so after 90 days, the Bulldog Marketer sends another note, informing the customer about a new product or service, that the customer might dig.

After 6 months, the customer again gets a note from the Bulldog Marketer, this time informing the customer of an upcoming sale or special offer, perhaps a discount card, free gift, or samples might even be included to show appreciation.

At the one-year mark, like a good spouse, a celebratory anniversary card is sent to the customer. At 15 and 18 months, the Bulldog Marketer sends more notes or emails to the customer, with special offers or new products. So on and so forth, you get the idea…

The Bulldog Marketer continues to follow up, solidifying the relationship with the customer and turning a one-time buyer into a lifelong repeat buyer. The type of buyer that will refer others and give you good Yelp ratings…

By using the same sequence, as shown above, creative and persistent Bulldog Marketing works wonders with prospects too. When your competition drops the ball and doesn’t follow-up (and I guarantee you they won’t), you will be next in line, ready to create a lifetime, dedicated customer.

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