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The top 1% of best sales persons is using highly organized sales processes that have nothing to do with luck. A sales method should be planned carefully to be certain of its success. Each step of the effective sales process increases the percentage of a successful sale.

Process is the series of actions carried out in order to achieve a particular goal or result. In sales and in any business, the ultimate goal is to make a sale. The series of action are the developing stages of the sales process. We train our sales persons to use a sales questionnaire as an instrument to make the sales process thorough. For example, during your first appointment with your potential buyer, you start with your step by step method of asking question to determine his willingness to do business.

At this point, you know that you have a potential prospect, both with capacity and intention to buy. Next step is to know the character of the prospect if he’s trustworthy. You want the trust and respect of your buyer as they want your respect and trust as well. After you determine that you’re dealing with an honest buyer who also has high purchasing power, its time to figure out what they actually want. You need to know your prospects condition of satisfaction, product and services specifications, terms of payment, pricing, delivery times and other specifics that will directly affect the transaction,. Always keep in mind that each time your client gives you conditions for the deal, they also give you their commitment to buy, provided that you meet their terms and conditions.

The longer you keep the conversation with your customer, the higher percentage that you’ll do business with your potential buyer. During the negotiation, it is important that you acknowledge all the customers demands, but only give-in to some. Giving off extensive perks make buyers tend to be suspicious and might ‘close off’. They have to let you know what they want, and you have to let them know clearly what you can provide. Each step through the sales process, the potential buyer will assure you of his intentions to do business deal with you. When both you and your prospects have your intentions out in the open, you are ready to make the sale happen.

In high probability selling, always keep in mind that there’s no such thing as ‘magic bullet’ or ‘killer closes’. You must not depend on luck. You have to give all you have and use it to your advantage. You, as the sales person, should control the complete sales process by utilizing an organized negotiation and process and arranging agreements that normally make happy costumers and clients, thus ensuring the success of a high probability sale. Anything and everything that might and will happen, in any business transaction, all depends on you. Use all the training you studied to your advantage.

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