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In 2010, one of the main sales problems within service departments was identified to be inadequate manpower to take care of customers. In 2012, this is still a problem plaguing the automotive servicing industry. Entrepreneurial experts have been trying to figure out ways to solve the problem and eventually increase sales in service departments.

While payroll is the primary concern of entrepreneurs in this industry, cutting down on manpower is DEFINITELY not the answer to the problem. Successful investors in the industry solve their problems by forcing streamlined processes and getting rid of dead weights and outrageous guarantees. Ultimately, to maximize profits for 2012 on, you simply need to handle your business properly and professionally. The question is: how do you do it?

Before I lay down the ways on how to increase your service sales, know that most Service Departments are focused on getting high net profits as well as net-to-gross profit ratios. Adding straight commissions might increase the net-to-gross, but this strategy will eventually lead to a loss of customers who might not be satisfied with the services they’re receiving compared to what they’re paying. If you invest in excellent customer service by making competent service advisors, then you’ll ensure better client retention and more income.

Want more innovative and ‘crazy’ ideas on how to increase sales? Here are some suggestions on how to increase profits while also positioning your business as a leader in your sector.

  1. Excellent reservation write-up which also includes an entry for mileage.
  2. Have your customer service include a review of the vehicle history. Look for details like missed maintenance or postponed repairs so you’ll know what additional services to offer.
  3. Perform an extensive walk-around with the client right when they arrive. 
  4. Make a good presentation of your Maintenance Menu after performing the walk-around.
  5. Introduce your client to permission-based Multipoint Inspection.
  6. Require your technicians to conduct quality Multipoint Inspections complete with digital photos.
  7. Allot the shortest possible time frame for a Service Advisor to contact the client about action items found during the inspection.
  8. Present the Good, Better, and Best options to your clients, and explain all of them clearly.
  9. For unsold work, schedule a follow-up date. Set a reminder in a digital planner like Google Calendar or Outlook so you won’t miss anything.
  10. Finally, have service advisors make a face-to-face active delivery when setting an appointment for the client.

When examining the process, your objective is to basically produce the highest possible quality service experience for your clients. Clients who are satisfied with your services ultimately become loyal customers that end up recommending you to their family, friends, and other acquaintances. With all this in mind, you pretty much have a readily available body of potential clients within your area of operation in 2012, and you’ll definitely need them to increase your service department sales.

These methods will help you optimize how your business functions, and also the amount of money you spend on advertising and training. Simply take care of your customers and they’ll do the same to you by thinking of you first when they need to spend money on servicing their vehicle!

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