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Using poison words can turn off your sales prospect in the quickest possible way. Poison words are phrases or words that might trigger mistrust, suspicion, and loss of respect. Some poison words are categorically used as part of conventional sales techniques and its main purpose is to build rapport and create trust. What most sales people don’t realize is the big possibility of accidentally sabotaging their sales pitch by using these poison words;

Interested?: Prospects will readily agree of being interest if they don’t want to give the salesperson a straight “No”. But being interested does not mean saying yes into buying. Getting an interested prospect is not a commitment.

A high probability customer is not just interested. They would show what they need, want and could afford to buy in reference to what you are offering now. Interested prospects is just a waste of time, they are not in the buying mood for now.

To tell the truth or Honesty: Saying something like, “To tell you honestly…..”? You are inciting the thought that goes “So now that you are being honest…What you were saying earlier are just sales talk and lies?” In high probability selling, respect and trust are essential to create a relationship between customers and prospects. Being coherently is not exactly “the best policy” but is very critical to a successful selling

Just: “I just want you to know….” In conducting a sales process, what does the word “just” implies? You looked like you are trivializing your connection with your prospect in order to catch them off guard. You are limiting the importance of your products or services and your time. If someone is really looking for your products or services then it must be delivered with importance. Do not ignore the needs of your prospect or of yourself.

Thank you: While conducting business transactions, showing gratitude is needed to be shown, but not all the time. Saying “thank you” could sometimes be meaningless. Most salespeople overly use this phrase that it is rendered irrelevant and becomes meaningless. You do not have to say thank you to prospects for their time and consideration. A high probability prospect is someone who needs, wants and could afford what you are selling, and they would want to talk to you for that. They are willing to do business with you. Thanking customers and prospects repeatedly implies a begging, submissive position, which might lead to loss of respect towards you. It’s the perfect way of sabotaging sales and losing business.

Review back at the top four poison words. You will notice two of themes, Phoniness, and a submissive/begging posture. If you sense someone being phony or insincere, will you still do business with this person? If somebody crawls towards you, what would you think of that salesperson?

People would willingly do business with sales personnel they could trust and respect. Every word you choose might provoke suspicion. So before saying anything, think and choose your words with care.

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