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A testimonials databank coming from your satisfied clients could be a very important asset to your business. But getting those important interviews is not that simple. Here are some guidelines in gathering and the most effective way of utilizing those testimonials.

• Provide your best products and services. It is very obvious that you can only solicit good testimonials from former customers if and when they are very satisfied. You need to be able to deliver what you’ve promise and try to go beyond the expectations of your customers. Unless you accomplished this, you should not attempt collecting any testimonies.

 Ask. There’s no secret in acquiring testimonials. You just have to ask for it. Having business for a period of time, you probably have satisfied a lot of customers who will gladly provide a very good testimonial. You only have to ask for it. Sometimes asking a testimonial in person can be a little bit awkward. You might feel uncomfortable and shy. There’s another way of getting their testimonies, not directly, but by sending an email or note. Below is an example of an effective testimonial request;

“May I request a favor from you? I am now working on improving my marketing strategy and I want to incorporate the views and thoughts of the people I worked with and how I been of help to them. We are building our business to serve you and I wish to hear from you. Are you willing to give us a note about what benefits you ere able to gain with the use of my products and how we had served you? Thank you in advance!”

• Using complete contact details. You probably seen testimonials that being signed, D.J. Simmons or Martha, New York. I don’t think anybody will believe the testimony. Testimonials like that are worthless. Complete details like name, age, company, location and occupation should be attached. Include any information that is pertinent in proving that a real person provided the testimonial.

 Use testimonies relevant to your prospective audiences. If you are targeting mature and married ladies group, then there’s no reason in including the testimonials from teens or young men groups. Anybody who watch or read these testimonials will always ask the very obvious question,” Will this apply to my needs?” you have to provide case studies and situations of people who suffer the same fate. Adjust your testimonials to make them applicable to your prospective audience.

• Create believable testimonials by adding videos or photos. Always have a camera handy, and be ready to capture a good testimonial anytime.

 Establish a procedure in getting testimonies. Getting everything done in marketing is by creating a method and implementing it. It will direct the procedure.

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