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How can you create an offer nobody can resist? You must have received sales pitches from various companies attempting to sell you their products, and most probably, you just ignore or reject most of them. You can actually use the experience when you are the one who’s making the offer. What are the reasons why it failed to interest you? Here are the top three elements that will make your offer irresistible. These are known as the “UPS” or Unique Selling Proposition of sales professionals;

  1. Translating features into benefits. Most of the time sales propositions get stuck when a product or service is excessively described by its features rather than by its benefits. A product or service feature is its physical characteristics. On the other hand, benefit of a product or service is what the feature does for the consumer. Make sure that in your marketing technique, you have translated traits of your product and services into benefits. Just mention the features briefly and then follow it with these words: “What this means to you is….” And then mention the benefits
  2. Prove it. Provide evidences like facts, testimonials, examples and statistics that will prove your claims. Make sure that your client’s full name and its company is included if client’s testimonial is your evidence, else it will look like fiction. Getting costumers’ endorsement is easy when your clients are very satisfied with your product and services. All you need to do is ask if you can feature their testimonials. Most people will consent and are even flattered that you consider their testimonies important.
  3. Finish with a clear, determined call to action. Whatever form of marketing you have, whether it’s in postcard, tv commercial, radio or written letters, the next step is crucial. Inform the customer what to do; it’s either to visit your website, get a trial run or call you. If suitable, explain to them what they will be getting by doing the act earlier rather than later. Set a deadline for specific offers. Another alternative is to indicate that “this offer is available only to the first 20 persons who answer this advertisement.” When you input urgency into your offer, you will be surprised at how fast your prospects will answer.

There are several ways you can embody in your marketing activities. A good place to start is through your knowledge of your customers’ conditions and challenges. Just be sure that when you present your marketing piece, you are able to clearly identify the three elements above. That will make your marketing presentation irresistible. There’s a possibility that you will be hampered by the buyer’s unexpressed objections. Putting yourself in their position and thinking from their point of view will work you asking the appropriate probing questions and ultimately overcoming objections. With this, it will be more convenient for them to do business with you. After all it’s you who answered their questions sufficiently.

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