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Tips for Effective Dealership Marketing

Why Dealership Marketing Matters

Let’s figure out what our consumers are looking for! In dealership marketing, the success depends on how you’re getting potential customers coming to your lot. It’s our guide to figuring out exactly what the customer wants. Each year, dealerships are creating ways to adopt new marketing strategies.

Search Marketing

For example, did you know 70% of consumers searching for a new vehicle turn to search engines for information first? The importance is understanding what the customer needs, and why they need it. 

This is typically used to gain more online presence, while also attracting paid and unpaid strategies on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, if your dealership isn’t at the top of these three search engines, want to know who is? The competition. 

Driving your RO counts!

First, increasing the number of Repair Orders (RO) through the service drive is a big deal in a dealership service department. 

Service managers should have a solid plan specifically for service marketing. This style of marketing is unique from that of the rest of the automotive industry. After all, car sales customers are typically looking for a different experience than a customer who needs vehicle maintenance or repair.

Two ways to fix your RO counts?! You have to be able to give the customer solutions. After that, you also have to educate them.

  “Google knows what the people are searching for, and considers you relevant if you are talking about the same thing.”

Organic Search Marketing

Second, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that uses your website, content, and keywords to rank search engines. These search engines include Google and Bing.

This process begins with finding competitive keywords for your dealership to rank for before strategically bringing them into your website and online content.

Search engines also eyeball a number of other factors when determining the ranking order of a search, such as:

  1. Mobile friendly/adaptive website design
  2. Website accessibility
  3. Social signals to/from your website
  4. Visitor experience
  5. The technical format of your website

Content Marketing

Thirdly, we have to take advantage of every opportunity to create content in dealership marketing. The goal of content marketing is to set up buying decisions with the help of relevant and relatable  content. 

Here are a few ways to attract the audience through your content:

-blog post/article

-social media post



A 90-Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed Ops Month Ever

Marketing can become easy to understand, and can deliver great results. It will give you more platforms for interaction, which means several more opportunities to close deals. Do your bes to cover all the platforms (website, mobile site, social media, etc.) Customers will come find you, but make sure to track that information and use it to your advantage.

Video Advertising in Dealership Marketing

Video marketing seems to have a direct effect on their buying decisions. Car dealerships and businesses in general can’t afford to skip out on video. Ultimately, the main focus is to grab the attention of the consumer. After that, you will have the ability to target potential customers through paid ads. 

You will have something that makes you stand out from your competitors. Videos help you build trust, and will also give off an authentic and creative approach.

Do what your budget allows. You could use your smartphone or hire a videographer to capture the vision that you want to tell to your future clients.

What Consumers are searching for

The things consumers are looking for change throughout the year, and here are a couple key consumer searches: 

  1. Detailing Car Services

The  highest consumer search is detailing car services. For example, when our cars look good, we feel good! It is absolutely worth it. There’s nothing like a fresh car wash and a great paint job. 

“Everyone wants to show up with a clean, shiny car. It matters, you know?”

  1. Mobile Car Detail near me

Yes! It’s exactly what it sounds like. A professional service that brings a top to bottom car detail directly to your location. These services have become more and more popular over the years as people look to spend a little bit more money in exchange for time saved.

The Importance of Dealership Marketing

In conclusion, there are many directions that you can go with your marketing, and at the end of the day, you have to choose what works best with your target audience.

First, test out some of these car dealership marketing strategies, and see what helps drive more sales. Most importantly, use your creativity to leave a lasting impression on potential car buyers in your community.  

“We just perceive it as foreign and unknown. So we’re scared of it. And what I would love for everybody to take away is, let’s not be scared of it. Let’s master it.”

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