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Adaptive Leadership Training: 5 Tips for Business

We interviewed top 100 business coach, Dave Meltzer, to discuss the recent changes in the business and leadership scene. We talked about the accelerating changes in the industry and how to use Adaptive Leadership Training to excel with these changes. 

These changes are requiring managers to step up and become leaders. A lot of “leaders” are really just middle managers of a closed-loop system. These closed-loop systems offer very little variance and are highly resistant to change, and this is why adaptive leadership is so essential, especially during these trying times. 

4 Tips to Use Now 

These adaptive leadership tips will be the decision maker of whether your business succeeds or not today with these accelerating changes. Adaptive leadership is the antidote to feeling overwhelmed or procrastinating, and these two interfere with your productivity, accessibility, and gratitude levels. 

Adaptive Leadership Training

Adaptive Leadership Training Tip #1: Keep Your Employees Engaged 

There is such a lack of engagement in business today, and this deters productivity. Regardless of the skill sets my employees may have, as long as I can keep them engaged, then I can expect an 80 to 90% increase in productivity. 

Adaptive Leadership Training Tip #2: Daily Reviews 

Everyday, have your employees review their future goals for the business and plan out how they will be successful. This practice allows for radical humility, so your employees can ask themselves, “Who can help me with what I want?” or “How best can I accomplish this?“ in assessing their priorities. 

If you have this become a daily practice, you and your employees will begin to understand, “This is what I need to do today, if I want to be there in the future.” 

But when it comes to game day decision-making, priorities become your decision makers. Referring back to the daily reviews, if you know what you want, who you can help, and who can help you, then you have the confirmation of engagement, which is prioritization. 

When you have priorities, you now know what to do and 100% of those things will now get done. You just exponentially increased your success. Beyond that, you are more effective as a leader, because your employees remain engaged, and can quickly reprioritize under changes.

Adaptive Leadership Training

Adaptive Leadership Training Tip #3: Quit Playing the Zero-Sum Game 

Most people live in a zero-sum game, especially when it comes to game day decision making. Those playing the zero-sum game have this mentality of “The more I give, the more I receive.” Everything becomes transactional, a type of negotiation that when you receive, it is someone else’s loss. 

In reality, this type of mentality that we’ve all been taught is counterintuitive and wrong. We should practice a mindset of abundance, which leads to the last tip. 

Adaptive Leadership Training Tip #4: Mindset of Abundance

We’ve all been taught the old quid pro quo of life that follows, “The more you give, the more you get.” But this thinking implies that there is never enough for everyone, when there really is. 

Making decisions with a mindset of abundance is knowing that there is more than enough of everything for everyone. If you’re capable of asking for more, then you’re capable of receiving more. And you need to receive more in order to give more.

The more you receive, the more you can give and the better you can make people feel. Giving is a testament to love and truth and what we can become. So when we allow others to experience giving, we receive and allow it to come through us for others. 

Implementing these tips in your business will not only assist you in achieving your goals, but also maintain engagement with your employees. With all of these tips combined and in play together, you will be able to differentiate yourself from a manager to becoming an adaptive leader. 

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