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Transcription: Service Managers – Can Luck Be Created

Mario: Can’t help it

Chris: Mario and I were rocking out to “Get Lucky” . . . kind of the hit for the summer. We’re talking about: is luck something you create? Or are people actually lucky, right.

Mario: I think they create it.

Chris: Yeah . . .

Mario: Just preparation and opportunity.

Chris: Yeah! It’s when . . . luck is when preparation and opportunity meet, right?

Mario: . . . Right

Chris: They say that that’s the definition of it. So we wrote down some things that we see the high performers that everybody thinks is lucky; what they actually do and kind of what their characteristics are.

The first one that we wrote down is that: they move fast but they don’t hurry. They move very fast. They’re always in motion but mentally they’re never in a hurry. They’re not jumping ahead mentally. They’re in the moment but they’re moving fast and they’re moving forward.

The second one is: they take off their seatbelts. Especially for managers they get out of their office. They’re not sitting in their office all day making reports and staring at the screen. They’re out where the money is made.

Out in the action – in the middle of everything that’s happening; the customer experience. They’re out with their advisers and with their text, out in there, in the middle of the game – not on the sidelines just watching.

Mario: I think the best time to do that is early in the morning too. Because the longer you stay in the office, you get caught up and you get overwhelmed with the daily tasks that you have to do. So getting out there . . . that’s when all the traffic is out there, in the morning. So go out there and expect what you expect out of your people.

Chris: Yeah, and set the tone for the day. That really does set the tone.

The next one is that they surround themselves with winners. We have a top dog event every year where we invite the best advisers from all over the country and they workshop.

We have events were we have the best service managers in the country that are running service departments that are 40% net to gross. They have top 10 CSI in the country.

Surrounding yourself by those guys makes you lucky because it’s going to rub off on you. Things are going to get better. You’re going to get better and things are going to get better when you start taking action and surrounding yourself with people that are better. That’s kind of getting lucky.

The last one we have on here is: they make mistakes; they’re not afraid to make mistakes. Wooden used to say that ‘the ones that make mistakes are the ones that are going to win. Winners make the most mistakes and the ones that don’t make mistakes are sitting around doing nothing.’

I think that’s very true. You’ve got to get out and not be afraid to make mistakes; take action; correct quickly; but get in motion and start the momentum going, right?

Mario: Momentum is key.

Chris: A lot of guys just get paralyzed. They don’t want to do anything because they don’t want to make a mistake; they don’t want to look bad. So they just sit there and they’re paralyzed.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get after it; take some action and get going. It’s OK.

So in conclusion: you create your own luck. By taking action; making mistakes and surrounding yourself with people that are performing in a higher level than you are and having that rub off on you – getting everything you can out of that, right?

Mario: Don’t stay comfortable or you’re going to get left behind.

Chris: Like the 49’ers; they try to hang out with the Seahawks because they want to be the best. It works right – it got them to the Superbowl.

Mario: It taught us how to win.

Chris: Yeah, the Seahawks are trying to teach the 49’ers how to win. So, thank you very much for watching. Have a good day.

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