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When you think of training your sales team, do you picture a conference room with a bunch of sales reps sitting around a projector half-asleep? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here at Chris Collins Inc., we specialize in making sales training fun and profitable, through a technique called gamification. First, let me assure you that you’re in the right place, and thank you for visiting my site. My techniques, which helped me grow my own dealership by over 300% in just three years, can and will transform your business.


Simply put, gamification is a way to turn the ordinary grind of day to day business into something fun, exciting and motivating for your employees, and as a result, for your customers. It uses the same kinds of motivational techniques that can make video games so addictive and exciting, even though their content may not be all that interesting. For example, a simple game I might use to sell a high-profit-margin item in a hardware store like a snow-blower, would be to create two teams among my sales staff. Each person to sell a certain model of snow-blower would receive $50 cash on the spot, and then another $50 would be put into a “pot,” which the winning team would then get to split any way they want at the end of the week.

No matter what your particular business, if you have a product or service to sell, training your sales team with gamification can enhance morale, motivation, productivity, and profitability in ways you can’t even imagine until you see it in action. I, myself, have used it, not only in car dealerships, but in a flower shop I used to own. I also frequently use examples of a dentist’s office, and a coffee shop, so this doesn’t only need to apply to businesses selling expensive, high-end products or services.


I have proven results, both in my own businesses and in my clients’ endeavors. My clients are up more than $3.2 Million in year-over-year sales. I’ve helped more than 25 car dealerships transform their service departments, and my methods worked flawlessly in 25/25 of those cases. In my own businesses, I set the record for the largest year-over-year turnaround; a turnaround of $1.5 Million. I took my dealership, Crevier BMW, from the 123rd largest dealership in the Western hemisphere, to the 8th in less than three years, as well as becoming the top-selling BMW dealership, and the first BMW dealership ever to sell more than 3,000 new cars in one year. And, I did it all using these same proven techniques.

I can, and will, give your business the tools to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, so come on in, explore my site, and then let me know when I can help you make training your sales team fun and profitable, and transform your business too!

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