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What is Leadership?

You’re probably wonder, “What is Leadership?

We’ve got a fun show for you today. We talk about leadership and what it means, we play a little game called ‘Would You Rather?’ and, like always, we’re going to answer your questions.

So you might not have guessed, and I’d rather you not tell me if you did, but my birthday was in January and I turned 49. That means 50 is coming up, and I do feel like there’s time for a midlife crisis.

This is the year to do it so maybe I should do something crazy like get my eyebrow pierced or get a neck tattoo. But it also cracks me up when a grown man has a nose ring or eyebrow piercing so maybe I should just get a sports car.

Now, for our game of ‘Would You Rather?’ our question was:

“Would you rather go to a Chevy dealership in Waterloo, Iowa to train the service manager who’s the dealer’s son-in-law, or be the assistant parts manager at a Mitsubishi store in Vermont for a year (and maybe have a Bernie sticker on your demo)?”

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The second choice was originally going to be ‘jump off the Golden Gate Bridge’ but that sounds just as tough. On one hand, Waterloo is an hour and something from Cedar Rapids, the dealer’s son-in-law probably has very little experience, the department is losing 50 grand a month, and the dealer probably secretly hates him, and on the other hand, you’re in Vermont for a year. Maybe it would be worth it if it was that sticker is that one photo of Bernie in a chair with the mittens…

Christian’s answer was to go with the assistant parts manager in Vermont because he’s never had to say, “Parts, hold,” to anybody yet, which was surprising because it still sounds like a no-win situation for anybody. Maybe it would be better to cater to people that operate sleighs up there or hook up lines to the trees and collect maple syrup.

Anyways, feel free to comment on here or the YouTube video which one you would rather do. It’s always fun reading everybody’s responses so I’m looking forward to that.

Speaking of which, that’s a good segue into our first questions for 2021. Remember, if you call and leave a voicemail at (833) 3-ASK-SDR and we answer it on the show, you’re going to get some cool SDR swag; as cool if not even cooler than the stuff from last year. Even if you need marriage advice, parenting advice, we’ll help you out because we love to hear from you guys.

“Hey, my question is about something you said on a past show. You said, ‘If you know Christian’s Peloton record, it would be easy to beat.’ So have you beat it? And when you figure out that it isn’t easy, could you try to figure out what PEDs he is using to set these records? Thanks.”

So I don’t ride on my Peloton that much but Christian and Patricia have more of a rivalry going on here. I myself don’t do it that much. My workout routine is Monday, Wednesday, Friday lifting weights and then boxing on Tuesday and Thursday.

Also, I think it’s probably not healthy for me to try to beat everybody at everything all the time. If I engage in that, I’m going to get obsessed, and before either of us know it, we’re both trying to be Lance Armstrong and that’s the kind of mentality that makes people think they need to use PEDs, jokes aside. We don’t even need performance enhancing drugs because Christian and I can just get into people’s heads and psych them out.

Alright, well, you’re still going to get some swag for that because we covered it on the show, but now it’s time for a real question:

“Hi, my name is Lisa. I currently work for a Chrysler dealership in Canada. My previous dealership that I worked at as a service manager, we were able to bring our numbers up across the board. We actually went through about three and a half years of a lot of change. I left there due to a change in the upper management. We actually went from like a 29% absorption rate up to a 78% absorption rate in the dealership.

The dealership I currently have gone to is looking to increase volume, and to be quite honest with you, probably three blocks away from us is another Chrysler dealership. I’ve noticed that they don’t have active deliveries where they bring the new customers to the service department and introduce them, set up first appointment at the day of delivery for the vehicle, whether it be new or used – so that’s something we’re going to be implementing – but I’m just wondering if you have any other suggestions. I’ve read a few of your books. I listen to your podcasts. I’m wondering if there’s something outside of the box that I’m just not realizing.”

So that’s Lisa from Canada. She sounds very sweet but that’s not surprising because it’s Canada.

I do have an idea for you, Lisa, that I would say is the Armageddon, but your situation reminds me of a tweet that was sent to us about a lady who went to jail in Canada, and the West Shore RCMP posted the letter that she wrote:

“I was nervous about staying with you guys during my trip to the islands, but wanted to let you know that I appreciate how helpful and kind everyone was, especially the four jailers who do a tough job and are often under-appreciated by the people in their care. You make a difference.”

Best book for Service Advisiors everyone should read.

And then she drew a heart and said, “Thank you for your kindness while I was in your custody. Four and a half stars.”

That instantly made my mind go, “What do you have to do to get five stars?!”

The police department said, “We don’t often get thank you cards from people who stay with us, but this was nice.” Well, you guys gotta work on it because she seems very nice, but she still gave you four and a half.

What is leadership exactly?

But, Lisa, you’re on the right track. You’re trying to figure out a need that isn’t being fulfilled which is a great start when you’re talking about traffic and increasing RO count and stuff like that.

If you really need traffic tomorrow, I would just go guerrilla. There’s a thing in the on-demand called Pit Stop. If you’re in our coaching, I would set that up immediately. There’s an email suite sequence written for you that will drive traffic; set it up evergreen. Anybody that’s three years or older and hasn’t been in for six months, as soon as they hit the interval, send them that campaign.

What I would do is make up business cards that have the name of the dealership on there, and then on the back they say complimentary oil change or half-price oil change. Whatever you want to do; you could test it. Sometimes, a $29.95 oil change will pull better than free, because people feel like free either means it’s too good to be true or it’s just a gimmick.

Then, I would hire two people at minimum wage, and I would pay them $10 for everybody that comes in. This is going to be your cheapest marketing. You will literally have people in your drive tomorrow. Those two kids are going to have stacks of these cards, and they’re going to put their name on them, they’re going to go out to Costco, to K-Mart, to everywhere where there are Chryslers, and they’re going to put them on the windshield wiper. Pay them minimum wage and then another $10 for everyone that comes in with their name on it.

They can go within a 15-mile radius of the dealership, and you’ll drive traffic like crazy. Literally, you could go to a mall or a Costco parking lot and there will be 25-30 Chryslers! I mean, for you, they’re probably all at Tim Horton’s, but it would also be a good idea to gamify it if you have two employees. You can have a contest between the two of them and see who gets the pot at the end of the week.

That would spike your numbers even more!

That’s it with our questions for today. Great questions, and now it’s time to talk about leadership. During our hiatus, we created a new training for our on-demand, which is the 17 Laws of Leadership; 17 being my lucky number at the center of the roulette table.

Dave Anderson would say that the difference between a manager and a leader is vision so what does leadership mean, really?

It’s getting people to follow you; getting them to do what you want them to do. I think Chase Hughes says it’s creating followership in others. So I made the 17 Laws of Leadership in order of importance, and it’s important to really nail each one because there’s no magic pill; you can’t just skip ahead.

It’s maybe the best leadership training out there. I had to pare it down to 17 because that’s already a lot for people taking in the content. All of that’s going to be on our on-demand like everything else.

Thanks, everyone, for tuning back in after our month-long hiatus. We’re back now and we’ll see you every week for the rest of the year. Don’t forget to subscribe and call us at (833) 3-ASK-SDR if you have a question.

For special deals on our books and training, head over to and I’ll see you next time on Service Drive Revolution!


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