Everyone has their own natural negotiation style. And, being able to identify your own style and those of other parties, as well as being able to switch styles at will, can help you achieve a better result.

Competitors are tough cookies who are not only very assertive, but also typically pretty uncooperative. If you are in a strong position, this can be a great style to adopt, but be aware that if you use it inappropriately, it could backfire and damage your relationships.

Collaborators are often the most effective negotiators, being both assertive and cooperative. These guys are excellent at maintaining good relations because they always seek the common ground.

Compromisers are similar to collaborators but are not quite as accommodating. They are, however, prepared to meet the other party halfway.

Pleasers are nice guys, but t h e y c a n o f t e n b e t a k e n advantage of because they give in too easily. This style can work, though, if both sides are equally keen to reach agreement in an amicable way.

Avoiders are neither assertive nor cooperative and tend to bury their heads in the sand in the hope that the issue will go away of its own accord.

When it comes to negotiation styles, one size doesn’t fit all, so choose yours according to the situation.