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It is an ideal, a uniquely American notion, that everyone in America will be given the chance to succeed through their own hard work.

We’ve heard stories of immigrants of so many different backgrounds who arrived on American soil with nothing more than a few crumpled bills in the pockets, yet through tenacious determination, a peerless work ethic, and simple ingenuity, they’ve created vast commercials entreprises.

I myself grew up in a family that was not particularly well-off. I was not poor though, having witnessed true poverty across the border as the child of a mission-going family. Regardless, I wound up working at a car dealership from an early age, and that’s where I fell in love with the auto industry.


For me, and for many of you, becoming a service manager was just the start of the Dream.

But even before landing the job, many of us have gone through many hardships. Yet we need to remember that our problems are still miniscule compared to what people from across the globe experience on a daily basis. We’re still blessed at the end of the day, to have a job and a place to call home, and to live in this wonderful country. I myself was lucky to have a loving and supporting mother.

That means we’re all fortunate to have the opportunity to succeed. It’s imperative that we take the chances life gives us, and run as far as we can with them.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to be mentored by an expert in business and marketing who showed me the in’s-and-out of managing car dealerships. I absorbed all of that knowledge like a sponge, and I combined it with my determination to make the most of what I have.

I’m not subtle. I’m not pretty. But I never rest until I crush every goal I set. This is how I ran things at the dealership, and that’s how I succeed at life. That’s where my nickname, ”The Bulldog,” comes from.

That’s how you should approach every opportunity granted to you by simply living in America. With drive and unlimited determination. Don’t ever let go of your chances, and don’t ever stop trying to better yourself.

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Automotive consultants are employed by dealerships and other car companies to help in developing their businesses and, in turn, increase profits. They also might work


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