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Automotive Product Consultants offer product marketing solutions to car financing companies and car dealers.  They are also engaged in providing post market car solutions. Auto product consultants offer post sale service programs to auto dealers using direct mail, data modeling, and call center services. If the auto sales consultant is in charge of selling the vehicle unit itself, the work of the automotive product consultant, on the other hand, is related to both pre and post sale activity. Most of the time auto product consultants use a well-designed system that assimilates, analyzes, and filters data (which was obtained during point of sale) to be able to identify when to contact each customer and offer vehicle enhancement products or service contracts. Using a well-maintained system, auto product consultants are capable of identifying when a service package of a bought vehicle will expire.  Knowing such detail, dealers are informed and can therefore contact the customer and offer another service program.

When a vehicle dealer staffs automotive product consultants, he creates additional client loyalty and retention. Since most of their works were conducted after point of sale, these auto product consultants protect dealers and its customers from autonomous 3rd party solicitations. They also provide the customers recommendations and suggestions as to what to add and how to improve the vehicle’s performance. By doing so they are creating additional revenue for the dealer. Making post sale communication with customers could be quite difficult especially if your goal is to make another income. This is when these automotive product consultants become helpful. They know who to contact and when to contact a specific customer. They also know what product to offer and what service contract to offer.

Customers also benefit from automotive product consultants. Since these people are licensed and highly trained, they are the best people to seek advice from when having selection issues. They can also be called “product specialist”. They undergo rigid and comprehensive product training. Any question pertaining to the product, from make, model, service package, parts to license, only these people can provide credible answers.

Another area of dealership business that an automotive product consultant is helpful is they are capable of making direct mail procedure simpler and easier. They are also capable of efficiently managing the dealers direct marketing needs such as data processing and purchasing. These well experienced automotive product consultants can work with the dealer’s marketing personnel to come up with an innovative yet cost-effective advertising campaigns.

Automotive product consultants do not just deal with new cars. They can also work with used vehicles. Since they underwent several product trainings, they are responsible for assessing and giving the accurate market value of a used vehicle. They conduct comprehensive inspection and complete reports from KBB, CarFax, and other related customer guides. They also give the used vehicle its current product description and details, also its features and benefits. Automotive product consultants also make recommendations for financing alternatives and warranty options that are viable for used vehicle.

Being the product master themselves and provided with the current updates on technology and vehicle’s market value, these automotive product consultants are the resource person of dealers who have questions about newly acquired used vehicles. Equipped with numerous trainings, they have wide-ranging knowledge on different types of vehicles, whether new or second hand. Used car dealers have wide market, competition is very stiff. For one dealer to last in the market, he must be able to give the best offer on used cars. This is the reason why labeling and giving the right value for a used vehicle is a necessity.

All automotive product consultants are certified and licensed. It is not possible for an individual to be an auto product consultant without going through series of product trainings, seminars, and meetings. The fast growing technology, innovation coming from left to right, manufacturers continue to design and produce newer car models, are just few factors that keeps these auto product consultant busy attending product trainings. Every new vehicle model which is to be released in the market corresponds to one or more training modules. These training modules include product description, parts, warranties, features, and benefits to consumers. They are taught about vehicle engineering and automobile management. Most of the time exams are given to assess the automotive product consultants’ knowledge about the specific vehicle. Consultants will only get the license if they pass the exam or a series of exams.

The job offers a very attractive compensation. Since the occupation involves consultancy, pay most of the time are project-based or if not is measured according to the scope of work. Consultants are hired by either car dealer companies or car Sales Corporation. The work of automotive product consultants evolves once the vehicle is in production, marketed to the public, and after-sale activity.

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Automotive consultants are employed by dealerships and other car companies to help in developing their businesses and, in turn, increase profits. They also might work


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