It’s human nature. We like having fun!

It’s the nature of business. Fun has no place in the workplace. Right? WRONG!

The key to the success of a business, above all else, is the engagement of its employees. A sole proprietorship can often succeed and grow against all odds, because the owner – and sole employee – is totally 100% committed to helping the business succeed. The problem is, when you start adding more employees, the overall level of commitment in a business drops. Dramatically.

How dramatically? According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2013, 87% of employees worldwide are either not engaged (really c

ouldn’t care less how the business does) or worse still, actively disengaged (working to sabotage the business!) at work. Leaving only 13% actively engaged. Thirteen percent! That’s less than one in eight employees in your business who actually care, want to be there, and are willing to put forth real effort to help the business succeed, rather than just take home a paycheck.


There is a solution out there for the never-ending problem of employee engagement. A way to drive employee and team performance to levels you probably can’t even dream of right now! A system you can implement today, that will increase morale, decrease turnover, call-offs, tardiness, and disciplinary issues, dramatically improve engagement and customer satisfaction and, ultimately, skyrocket your sales and profitability through heightened team performance!


Gamification turns those first two statements above on their heads, and says, “YES, you CAN have fun in the workplace!” Gamification, done correctly, is carefully designed to align the goals of the games you play to have that fun with the needs and goals of the business.

Gamification is, at its core, the application of game design elements (and even literal games) to the operation of some aspect of a business. By giving your employees goals aligned with the business’s goals, milestones with quick visual feedback so they can see how they’re doing, and rewards for performing well, not only will your team perform beyond your most optimistic imaginings, they’ll have a ton of fun doing it!


When your employees are having productive fun, filled with energy, the entire culture of the business begins to change. They’ll want to come to work, so call-offs and tardiness will fall off dramatically. They’ll want to keep working for you, so turnover will be a thing of the past! And since their goals will be precisely aligned with yours, they’ll want to do exactly the behaviors that will make your business a resounding success!

It might sound complicated—and if I’m honest, it can be, a little. But that’s why I’ve put together my Playing for Profits system. Ranging from Playing for Profits 101, designed to let you dip your toes in the water risk-free, so you can see what kind of impact you could really achieve, to my exclusive Playing for Profits Master Course, my team and I can walk you through every step of the process. From analyzing your local market and figuring out what really drives business through your doors, to discovering what the core needs of your business truly are, and how to design goals for your team to strive to achieve, all the way to implementing your new culture of fun and profit and beyond, we’re ready to help you achieve your dreams!

Click here to see how easy it is to make work fun and increase sales.

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