Hello! I’m Chris Collins, the Bulldog, and I’d like to welcome you to my world, a world where sales management training courses don’t have to be boring lectures, where they can be fun, energetic, and inspirational. How do we achieve that? We apply the same principles that game designers have been using for decades to turn simple concepts into fun, addictive video games that are just about impossible to put down, or to refuse to participate in. We call this training methodology “gamification”, and the good news is, it can extend far beyond the classroom, into the business itself.


My clients are up over $3.2 Million in year-over-year sales, using gamification techniques. I, myself, took my BMW dealership to the top, with a $1.5 Million increase in a single year! We do it by identifying what part of the business, which specific behaviors, truly drive revenue growth, and we use the same motivational techniques used in games, to promote those behaviors.


These include things that you’re no doubt already familiar with. For example:

  • Goal Setting – Of course any good motivational technique starts with goal setting, but here at Chris Collins Inc. we’ll help identify the right goals, to drive your business forward in the right direction.
  • Milestones – Goals are great, but in between goals, it’s easy for sales staff and sales managers to lose sight of the prize, and to get discouraged as they face rejection along the way. Milestones in between goals provide more consistent feedback to keep your sales staff inspired the whole way.
  • Visual feedback – Once the path to success has been divided up into goals and milestones, it’s easy to create a visual feedback system, so your sales staff can quickly see their progress toward the goals you’ve set out for them. This again helps keep them energized and inspired to keep working toward the good of the business.
  • Increasing Level of Difficulty – By starting fairly simple, and gradually increasing the difficulty of the game elements you incorporate into your sales training and sales process, you’ll keep your employees engaged and excited.
  • Group Participation – Whether your sales team is competitive by nature, or collaborative, group participation is important for motivation, for bonding, and to keep everybody on the right track. The specific type of participation we’ll use will depend on our analysis of your sales team.
  • Rewards for Milestones and Goals – Everybody loves rewards, and in my experience, cash is king. Especially if you’re in a retail business with relatively low-paid employees, a cash reward can be a life-changing event for your employees. Even if that isn’t the case, nothing says success and inspires people to try harder, like cold, hard cash – though you don’t want to become predictable, so mixing rewards up is always recommended.


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Come join my expert sales training team, and let us discover how to make your sales management training engaging, energizing, and inspirational today!

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