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If you are a type of person who enjoys meeting and dealing with people from different walks of life, has very good oral and written communication skills, exudes high level of confidence, driven and well motivated, you could be the best candidate for an Automotive Sales Consultant position. Having the passion for automobiles is an additional factor but not really required. Since you will be part of a sales force, you also must have the ability to give solutions to problems or concerns raised by a customer. You will serve as the frontline of the business. Most people are hesitant or cautious when making a major purchase. Your ability to persuade or influence the customer’s decision and turn the “no”, “not today” , “needs to consult someone” , or “will get back to you” decision in to an astounding  “yes” should come to place. Being a successful automotive sales consultant is a combination of well-developed skill and knowledge obtained from series of trainings.

Automotive sales consultant is employed by car sales company and auto dealers. Employers provide their consultants trainings to develop their selling skill and give additional product knowledge. Product knowledge trainings are mandatory. Most employers require their automotive sales consultant to be product certified first before they will allow them to sell any automobile. Product-related trainings are lengthy but informative. This will serve as the backbone of a sales consultant. It is vital for a sales person to know what he is selling and to be ready with questions that a customer might ask. Educational videos and product demonstrations are conducted during this training. Every aspect of the product will be covered under this type of training, from warranties, parts, services, to licensing.

Another type of training that an automotive sales consultant must undergo is the salesmanship training. The training’s objective is to develop not just the selling skills of the consultant but the ability to overcome specific objections as well. Salesmanship training will teach you how to properly profile a customer. Doing the profiling right will lessen if not eliminate the chances of a customer raising a sales objection. Also included in this training is the identification of flags or cues that will help the consultant on what approach to do with a particular type of customer. Salesmanship trainings give guide to easily and quickly achieve sales quotas and maximize earnings. Most of the time employers require their new sales consultant to buddy with their senior consultant. New automotive sales consultant will observe how a senior consultant does the job, from doing paperwork to making sales presentation to a customer.

The title itself gives a hint about the job description.  Automotive sales consultant sell used cars or new vehicles to customers. They are responsible for inspecting, preparing and presenting the vehicle to customers. It is also the automotive sales consultant job to arrange for a test drive once a customer is interested in a specific automobile. Providing advice and answering sales and product-related questions is also part of their job. Bargaining over the final price is typical in a car sales process. The sales consultant must have the ability to come up with an ideal figure that the customer would consider. And when the client is decided to purchase the vehicle, it is the consultant who will prepare and complete all the necessary documents.

Half of sales consultants work evolves in completing necessary paperwork. Whenever a client visits a car company or an auto dealer, the automotive sales consultant fills out an info worksheet listing all necessary customer details – name, contact number, physical address, trade-in information, and the desired vehicle. If the customer wants to do test drive, the consultant secures a copy of the customer’s driver license. All necessary financing applications should be completely filled out and signed by the customer. This should be checked and validated by the auto sales consultant.

Automotive sales consultant is not limited in selling new or used automobiles. They also can work for farm machinery and heavy equipment dealerships, auto parts dealerships, marine wholesalers and retailers, motorcycle or bicycle wholesalers or retailers.

Like doctors, automotive sales consultant also has their own specialization. There are consultants who specialized on selling new vehicles. Some prefer to sell used automobiles where there is more market. Some consultants are dedicated in selling luxury and sports vehicles. There are a number of dealerships who employ sales consultants who only work through the internet. The shopping and selling transaction is done through email and telephone. Customers get the information through the internet with the use of vehicle photos and narrative description posted on the dealership’s website.

Though compensation is very, very attractive, being on a sales force requires long hours of work. There are times that you have to work even on evenings and weekends. It is a necessity that an automotive sales consultant is available when the customer is ready to view or purchase the vehicle.


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