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If you’re thinking of getting some service advisor training for your automotive service advisors, then the best training course to go to would be my Chris Collins VT . With over 18 years under my belt, I have built a rock solid reputation in the automotive business as an automotive consultant. In just 3 years, I had grown Crevier BMW to the eighth largest dealership in the US, a phenomenal growth of 300% from its previous place as 123rd.  Not bad, considering that I started in the business as just a car washer.

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1. Service Advisors: Smarter Than Your Average Bear – In Service Advisors: Smarter Than Your Average Bear, you’ll learn some great tips on how to be a great service advisor and beat the competition. As the camper in the story said, it’s not about outrunning the bear, it’s about outrunning the other guy. Many automotive business and sales consultants limited themselves to what they traditionally knew, this one will teach you strategies out of the box!

2. The Dealership Consultant – With the economy still on its way up, most people would think twice about hiring a consultant. But in The Dealership Consultant, you’ll be convinced why it would be in your company’s best interest to do so. As stated in the article, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the manufacturer, the dealership consultant, the contractors, and the customers is a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Fixed Ops Consultant – Now that you have your automotive company up and running smoothly, do you think it’s time for you to relax believing that the profits will continue coming in? No.  Businesses that have been running for years have a tendency for complacency, a big NO when running a business. This is the time to bring in a Fixed Ops Consultant and ensure that processes are improved. As your business grows, so does your market, and processes that may have been applicable before may need to be modified to adjust to this growth.

4. Automotive Consultant at Work – Learn how an automotive consultant can become an invaluable help to your company. In Automotive Consultant at Work, know more about automotive consultants and how they can increase the profits in your business.

5. Service Department Training – Good customer service, this is the by-word of most service companies. But are you really giving “good” customer service? Learn the 9 questions that should be coming up in your service department training to ensure this.

6. Automotive Marketing Consultant – Marketing is an important aspect in any business. There are many ways to market your products and services, but which strategy is the best one? Can you really afford to try different marketing strategies before you hit on the best one suited for your company? You’re best bet would be to hire an automotive marketing consultant. Read the article to know more about the benefits of hiring one.

7. Automotive Product Consultants – Business doesn’t stop upon selling the car. Your next concern should be how to retain the customer. This is where automotive product consultants come in. These highly trained individuals focus on customer retention, among others. They are product experts and can give very good advice to customers to ensure their loyalty.

8. What Does An Automotive Sales Consultant Do? – Do you know those guys that welcome you with a big smile the moment you step in a car dealership? They are the automotive sales consultants. In the article What Does An Automotive Sales Consultant Do?, know more about these people and if you have what it takes to do this very challenging and lucrative job.

9.   Automotive Consultation Service – If you’re looking for a way to ensure your company’s success, then you should think seriously about getting an automotive consultation service. Automotive consulting is one sure way to fast-track your company’s growth.

10. Bulldog Marketing – Did you know that 68% of lost business in America is due to apathy? Don’t let your accounts be one of the  fatalities. Learn more about Bulldog Marketing in this article.

11. Tweaking Your Sales Strategy – Is your sales strategy a flop? Don’t start panicking. Read about the proper way of Tweaking Your Sales Strategy to ensure that you close that sale.

12.  The Art of Active Listening While You’re at Work – You have this great sales pitch which you’ve practiced over and over in front of the mirror. The customer comes and you start talking. After a few minutes, the customer shakes their head and heads out the door. What happened? Pitching is just part of closing the sale, the most important part is listening that what your customer really needs. Learn The Art of Active Listening While You’re at Work and worry no more about losing a sale.

13. The Top Seven Marketing Strategies of All Time – The competition over the market is always stiff. Learn The Top Seven Marketing Strategies of All Time and have an edge over all your competitors.

14. The Top 1% Precision Selling – Selling is a science and not based on luck. It’s a series of processes that when followed closely will ensure a closed sale. Know more about these processes in The Top 1% Precision Selling.

15. What’s Your Negotiation Style? – In order to negotiate well, first you must know that different negotiation styles and how to use them to your advantage. Read What’s Your Negotiation Style? to know what’s yours as well as what the other party’s style is. This way you can adjust accordingly and achieve the best solution for everyone.

16. The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Trust and Respect – Need a way to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition? Read The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Trust and Respect and learn how to use these two qualities to ensure your business’ success.

17. Just a Little Bit Better – It’s a tough world out there, and everyday new companies are coming out to steal your customers. So how do you stay on top? Simple, by being Just a Little Bit Better. In this article, learn different ways to ensure that customers will come and stay with your company.

18.  Sales Driven or Purpose Driven – What Kind of Businessman Are You? – What is more important for your company – sales or customer service? In the article Sales Driven or Purpose Driven – What Kind of Businessman Are You?, these two terms are defined to help you choose what kind of organization your company will focus on.

19. Sales Driven or Purpose Driven – What Kind of Businessman Are You? – Sending advertisements through the mail is an age-old technique in automotive sales. But with the advent of the Internet, is this still effective? A study was made to answer this question. Know more in Fixed Ops Case Study (Direct Mail or Email).

20. Become a Chief Networking Officer – Do you know who is in charge of handling community-based activities and networking to bring in more customers and prospects? It’s the chief networking officer. Find out if you’re cut out to Become a Chief Networking Officer by reading the article.

21. How to Generate More Testimonials – A testimonials databank coming from your satisfied clients could be a very important asset to your business. Learn how to do this in How to Generate More Testimonials.

22. Make Your Irresistible Offer – Want to close a sale? Then learn how to Make Your Irresistible Offer.

23. Different Customer Personalities and How to Deal with Them – A good sales consultant knows how to estimate a potential customer the moment they step through the door. Know who these people are in Different Customer Personalities and How to Deal with Them.

24.  Service Manager Liberation – Do you want to raise your labor rate? Learn how Chris Collins helped Joe raise theirs by $4 in Service Manager Liberation.

25.  Crazy Ways to Increase Your Service Department Sales This Year – Are you running out of ideas to lift your sales? Then read Crazy Ways to Increase Your Service Department Sales This Year and see your sales shoot up.

26. Social Media for Buyer Prospecting – A Risk or A Must? – Are you thinking of creating a page in Facebook for your automotive company? Then read Social Media for Buyer Prospecting – A Risk or A Must? and learn the pros and cons of going through this avenue.

27. 9 Ultimate Reasons You Can Be Successful – It may be the year 2013 already, but you can still get some valuable insights on how you can make this year a profitable one in 9 Ultimate Reasons You Can Be Successful.

28. Strategies that Sell – Know why an automotive technician sometimes sell more than a service advisor in Strategies that Sell.

29. Poison Words That Could Sabotage Your Sales – When making a pitch, you must be careful with the word you choose to avoid offending the customer. In this article, know the Poison Words That Could Sabotage Your Sales.

30. Top 5 Reasons Why Service Manager Fails – Do you want to be an effective service manager? Then read the Top 5 Reasons Why Service Manager Fails and avoid making the same mistakes.

31.  Auto Business Transformation Secrets Revealed – In these times, everything is changing fast – whether it’s technology, business models, and marketing practices. And as the manager, it is up to you ensure that your company rolls with these changes. In the article Auto Business Transformation Secrets Revealed, learn how to manage your company to keep up with these changes.

32. Where Do You See The Future of Automotive Fixed Operations Consulting Going – In Where Do You See The Future of Automotive Fixed Operations Consulting Going?, we see how having the latest technology isn’t always the answer. It’s still giving great customer experience.

33. The New Stuff for Service Managers and Service Advisors  by Chris Collins – Learn the importance of properly training your service managers and service advisors in The New Stuff for Service Managers and Service Advisors  by Chris Collins.

34. Service Manager Contest Winner – Meet Vicky, the Chris Collins $25,000 Service Manager Winner as they talk about the journey they had gone through to increase their sales.

35. 10 Things that Prove Why a Great Team is Always Better than a Great Idea – Do you have a great idea? Then it’s time for you to gather a great team together. Know why in 10 Things that Prove Why a Great Team is Always Better than a Great Idea.

36. Pet The Dog Instead Of Tired Old Walk Arounds – Watch this video Pet The Dog Instead Of Tired Old Walk Arounds! about Chris Collin’s famous story of petting the dog and how you can use it to boost your sales.


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